A Feasible Guide To Choose The Best Limescale Remover

Limescale usually stains your toilet with a dark brown color. It is one of the main issues these days because it makes your bathroom dirty with a disgusting odor. There are usually three types of best limescale remover. The first one is vinegar, the second is coke, and the third is WD40.

How To Remove Limescale From Your Toilet Below Waterline?

The best way to remove the limescale from your toilet below the waterline is with vinegar. You can easily remove limescale following five easy steps.

  • Take four cups of vinegar and pour into the toilet.
  • Leave it for few hours
  • Use a toilet brush and scrub the toilet
  • Flush it
  • Repeat the process
  1. Step1: Pour Four Cups Of Vinegar Into The Toilet

Vinegar is considered one of the best limescale removers. Take four cups of vinegar or one bottle of 1 liter of vinegar and pour it into the toilet. Make sure that the vinegar covers the area stained with limescale. White vinegar is the best because its pH is 2.5. It is pretty acidic. It not only removes the stains of limescale but also removes the foul odor from the bathroom.

  • Step2: Allow The Vinegar To Act

Limescale solidifies at the bottom of the toilet bowl. It may take up to 3 hours to remove the limescale. Sometimes, it sticks to the bottom. In that case, vinegar requires 5 hours to action properly. So leave the vinegar for few hours.

  • Step3: Scrub The Toilet

Use a toilet brush and scrub the toilet. It will help you to totally remove the stain from the toilet bowl, especially the rim. You can even use a scourer and kitchen gloves if the gross is stubborn to the bottom.

  • Step4: Flush it

The last step is to flush the toilet then. Flush your toilet about two to three times to ensure the complete drainage of limescale from the bathroom into the sewage system.

  • Step5: Repeat The Process

If you are dealing with old limescale, you should repeat the process at least thrice. Old limescale stains are stubborn and may take some time to leave the toilet bowl.

The Best Limescale Remover

There are usually three types of limescale removers that are listed below

  • Vinegar
  • Coke
  • WD40

Vinegar is the sharpest and cheap limescale remover. It efficiently removes stains and foul odor. No matter how old the dirt is, it can easily remove by vinegar within 3 to 5 hours. Its acidic pH is very high. On the other hand, Coke and WD20 are also effective and considered adequate but are less potent than vinegar. They may altogether remove the stain but after 3 or 4 attempts of the procedure.

Product: Harpic Power Plus

Some stains are stubborn enough that they are unable to remove with any of the home remedies. You can get rid of these stains of limescale by using Harpic Power Plus. it comes in powerful tablets that remove stains only in one wash.

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